March 20, 2012
3 Simple DIY Nail Art Designs

Anytime you come across a simple DIY Nail Art tutorial it’s a win win. Here’s 3 easy ones to try out now. Simple, easy, and very DIY.

Ombre Nails—Counter to first impressions, you don’t need an airbrush to master this look. All you need are two polish colors and a good dabbing hand!

Start by painting the darker color in a rough U-shape. Don’t forget to lay it on thick.

Next, fill in empty space with the lighter color. Wipe off the excess polish, and start swirling where the polishes meet.

A layer of topcoat will help blend the colors together more.

Get Spotted—This is a super-easy nail design that just requires a thin-brushed polish (you can find these at most drugstores).

Start by applying a few coats of a base polish.

Then, using the thin brush, make small dots scattered around the perimeter of your nail in varying sizes.

Ta-da! How cute are these?

Split Nails—This chevron design is a way sophisticated take on the reverse French manicure.

Start by painting nude polish on the bottom of your nail in a rough triangle.

Then, taking a thin, black brush, draw two criss-crossing hatchmarks over your nail. You should be drawing over the nude polish, but not leaving any bare nail exposed below the triangle. Then, fill in the rest of the nail with black.

How chic do these look? Feeling creative?


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